Frequently Asked Questions

  • „What clothes should I wear during the game?”
    You should wear not to tight, street-clothes, as you don’t have to  scramble around the place.

  • „What happens, if I get a panic attack?”
    Before the start of each game, we provide all the necessary info for the players, and we will discuss on a panic-sign, with that you can stop the game.

  • „How can I reserve a game?”
    Through our online booking system on our website (if you are there recently). If on any occasion, you  wouldn’t succeed like this,or you are experiencing difficulties, send us an email or call us, and we will be pleased to help you out. Write us your requested time, date, and room, and don’t forget to send us your phone number to have a successful reservation, Anything else is going by itself, or at least you will feel like this, ’cause we will do everything for you,

  • „I would like to give this experience as a present, what can I do?”
    In this case, do the reservation, and send us an email, that this game will be a present, so we can later modify the date, if the first  date isn’t good for the one, who gets it.

  • „If someone can’t come on the reserved date, is there any opportunity to change the game date?”
    Yes, if you write an email at least 3 days before the previously booked date, subjecting date change, we can change it for you, if you write us the new time as well. You can find the e-mail address on the website below.

  • „Is there any age restrictions in the game? For whom are the gates of the game closed?”
    We are waiting for such teams, whose members are above 14, but with parental guidance, younger people can also enjoy our game.
    In our experience, high alcohol level destroys the game field’s conditions, and the chances for getting out.

  • „I would like to reserve a game”
    You can book a game by our online booking form, or by phone (phone booking is available only the current day).

  • „We are a team with more than lane’s recommend. Is it possible?”
    The experience and the game is calibrated for the number of people that we recommend in the lane description. 1 or 2 plus person is usually possible but it will maybe necessitous a little bit.

  • „How many paths do you have?”
    We will have 3. Now only  the first one is playable. About the opening of the 2nd and 3rd path we will send email for all those players, who have previously subscribed to our newsletter.

  • „Is one path always always the same, or if I go back, will there be any change?”
    One path is always the same, but before, if you haven’t succeed to get out, you can re-try it 🙂

  • „Is the game also exciting for foreigners? Do I have to know Hungarian, for understanding the exercises?”
    We can organize the path in Hungarian or in English. If your are a mixed team, please decide, because that couple of sentences, the team members can easily translate for each other. If you are asking the path in English, please write us the the booking, that you are looking for an English language path in mentioned date and time,

  • „Can also play pregnant women, or people with heart problems?”
    Naturally, Our goal is not to scare you. People with heart problems can previously tell about this, so we can put those couple of sudden things pushing your adrenaline level higher.

  • „When should I arrive at the game?”
    It’s good to arrive at least 15 minutes before the reserved time, so you will have time to prepare. Please notice, that all bookings are going with a straight timetable, so if you are on delay, the next team must wait for you, until you finish.

  • „For whom it is NOT recommended?”
    Every player participates in the game on his/her own will, but for people with claustrophobia, or epylepsia it is NOT recommended! People under the effect of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to to participate in the game. If you arrive in such conditions, you are not allowed to play.

  • „How much does a game cost?”
    One game costs 9999 HUF, not depending on the number of players