1. Only take part in the Escape Zone game for your own responsibility!
  2. Under 16 years of age parental supervision is required.
  3. The game time is 60 minutes. After the 60 minutes even if the team does not succeed the game ends.
  4. People under the effect of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to play.
  5. The use of any kind of source of light (e.g. cell phones) is not allowed.
  6. Don’t take photos or videos on the stage!
  7. The prices of the tickets are not refundable.
  8. For people having claustrophobia, heart problems or are under any medical treatment the game is not adviced.
  9. People who don’t keep the previous rules are asked to leave the premise.
  10. Please take care of the stages, the decorations and the furnitures! In case of any damage happens (even by accident), it will require compensation.