Game for 2-6 persons, where the task is to rescue a serial killer’s captive.

Sometimes serial killers captive someone, and they recluse their captive for exaple in a dark basement. If you are smart enough, you can be a rescuer of this captive.

If you would like to complete the task  in time, you will need your brain and your smartness and some groupwork off course.While the evironment might be a bit scary, you dont need to expect for a scareing. Running time will be stressful… Whether 60 minutes will be enough for you???

– recommended for 2-6 persons (Particularly becouse of the place is tight, but at your peril you can play that game with 7 persons too.)

– from the age 14 (The lane’s decoration is a bit scathing, but there is nothing else scary. If you can stand that and you are under 14, you can play under your parents control.)

– chukker is 60 minutes (Over the 60 minutes there is about another 15 minutes to get the instructions, so from coming to going you will spend around  80-90 minutes in the field.)

– optional difficulty level (Before we start the game, you can let the operator knows if you would like to play it on easy or difficult level, this choice will affect how much help you will get during the game.)

If you get the mood for it, reserve it HERE and now!