The hungarian wave began in 2012 called “Escape Game” or “RoomEscape Game” is moving the exciting element of computer games of the same niche from the screen to reality. The essence of the so-called escape-, getting-out-, or fugitive-game is usually the same – getting through logical-, or skill-exercises, getting closer to the escape step by step during given amount of time.

There are, where instead of escape, players had to push on some matters or even to prevent them (for example: explosion of a bomb, etc). But the main characteristic are almost always the same.

The computer games, which were put in reality environment are on real, moody locations, offering real exercises, and real excitement for the playing teams, which is real fun and awesome team-building experience – maybe that’s why they are more and more popular nowadays.

Fun with friends?

Family program?

Company team-building?

A simple date?

Probably for all these, the escape game is an awesome experiment.

If you get the mood for it, reserve it for you here!