Five escape rooms on three tracks: take your pick!

Are you ready for one of the most memorable, thrill-filled adventures of your life? One of the city's oldest and most beloved escape room complexes with exciting and unique adventures, realistic sets, and mind-bending puzzles is waiting for you and your team to put your skills to the test!

Choose which adventure you'd like to test your skills and those of your team in from five different escape room adventures, get to know the story you're stuck in and when the door closes behind you, the game begins. Are you "stuck" in a horror movie, space adventure, maze or abandoned nuclear power plant? In each case, the key to escape is lurking somewhere in the location and if you're clever, you'll find it before your time runs out! On each level you'll have to get to the solution through several rooms!

Will you make it?

Our escape rooms

Labyrinth variations

The Labyrinth, one of our most popular escape games, can be played in three different versions to suit everyone's needs, whether it's a horror theme, a kids' version or the basic classic mode. The gameplay is the same in every case, so choose carefully!

Labirintus kastély szabadulószoba

Labyrinth Castle

Found count Véressy's secret castle at the end of the maze and counteract his evil plan.

Labirintus információk

A félelem labirintusa szabadulószoba

The Labyrinth of Fear

Found the way out of the maze full of zombies and unveil the "death-factory"!

Labirintus információk

Mágikus kastély szabadulószoba

Magical Castle


mágikus kastély információk


Choose from more adventures where you'll be part of famous film stories, solving all the puzzles and riddles to reach your goal: to escape!


Star Wars szabadulószoba


Free R2D2 from the Deathstar and get the blueprint files of the space station before Darth Vader returns!

Star Wars információk

Vissza a jelenbe szabadulószoba

Back to the Present

Launch the energy production of the abandoned soviet powerplant and charge Doc's flux capacitor to travel Back to the Present!

Vissza a jelenbe információk

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Ready for one of the most memorable, fun-filled adventures of your life? Once you've chosen the room you like best, all you have to do is gather your friends, family and colleagues and click the book button! With just a few details, you and your team will have your chosen date and once you've gathered all your skills, logic and cunning, the escape will soon begin!