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Star Wars


movie based escape room


Have you always wanted to be one of the heroes of the Star Wars movies? Now's your chance to be part of Escape Zone's movie based escape game story!


The civil war is raging. The dreaded Imperial superweapon, the Death Star, is a threat to everything and everyone. It can destroy battleships and even planets with its powerful laser cannon. It seems the rebels' only chance is to try to find a weak spot on the space station, where a well-timed and targeted attack might be able to disable or even destroy it.

You and your team, an elite unit of the Resistance Commandos, are given the honourable but very difficult task of retrieving the files directly from the Death Star's on-board computer system. Droid R2D2, well known to the entire base as a constant sidekick, has already made his way to the star via a secret route using a stolen security code. Unfortunately, however, the stormtroopers spotted the droid, who, unable to identify himself properly, was isolated in a cell.

The mission is complicated. You have to somehow get the files, load them onto R2, and then use an escape pod to launch the whole "package" into space.

Your team's mission is to rescue R2D2 droid from the dreaded Death Star and deliver the plans for the space station to the Rebel base. You must do this in 60 minutes or you will find yourself facing Lord Vader's lightsaber.


The game is technical, with both skill and logic challenges, no analogue padlocks and a slight emphasis on search. Great attention has been paid to the equipment and the scenery, so that you really feel like you're in a scene from the film!


  • ADULT GAME (This adventure is mainly for adults, but children can also take part in mixed teams. Under the age of 14, adult supervision is required)
  • For 2-6 person teams (The playing field can accommodate a maximum of six players and the technical parts can be "fooled" with 7 players, so we do not recommend an extra team member in this quest)
  • Game time is 60 minutes (plus about 15 minutes to go over instructions, so you will be on site for roughly 80-90 minutes from arrival to departure)
  • Third generation escape game (You don't have to expect any searching, old-style locks and keys in the game. You can make progress by opening digital locks, laser gates, skill and logic exercises)
  • Hardness level of your choice (before the game you can indicate to our game master if you want to play on easy or hard level, this will influence the amount of help you will receive)

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WARNING! Old voucher codes (16-digit numeric code) cannot be handled by the current booking system. Of course, they are still valid during the redemption period and you can use them by presenting them on the spot before the game!